A POPULAR takeaway has been awarded top marks after an inspection from the Food Standards Agency.

GRILLa Cheese, on Dalkeith Street, was given a five-star rating by the national agency that looks after food hygiene ratings across the UK.

It assesses the hygiene levels of restaurants, takeaways, food shops, and cafes.

A spokesperson from the takeaway said: "This place has cost us our sanity, our money, our patience, our relationships, our time with family, and then some more of our money.

"And then some more money.

"But days like today make it almost worthwhile.

"Massive respect to our hardworking staff who have really worked their cotton socks off to make this happen.

"We couldn't be more pleased."

The scoring system goes from 0 to 5, with five meaning ‘very good’.

It was only last month the takeaway-eatery opened after originally being within the Barrow Town Market Hall.

The decision to relocate to a more centrally-located position was to meet demand, which has tripled since the move.