Walking in to any accident and emergency department you are greeted with signs saying staff will not tolerate abuse of any form.

In 2019 it is despicable that our doctor and nurses still are not treated with the respect the deserve.

Barely a day goes by when you do not hear of another medic have faced abuse, physical or other wise, at the hands of a drunken yob.

We must as a community pledge to stop this from happening.

Men like Mariusz Podsaid who find it acceptable to punch and kick the very people trying to save lives must not be allowed to forget how outrageous their behaviour has been.

Should we consider banning persistent abusive people from the NHS?

Hour-by-hour medics in south Cumbria treat and save hundreds of people.

Often, with little recognition.

Their work such as saving the eyesight of five-year-old Jake Davies is nothing short of a miracle.

At one time or another we have all had to rely upon the hospital and if we want more people to go into the profession we need to make sure they feel safe and valued.

So come on Furness, do not tolerate the abuse of emergency service staff.

After all, you never know when you might need their help too.