A MAN spat at a nurse, punched a police officer and kicked a doctor in the head after being taken to hospital with facial injuries, a court heard.

Mariusz Podsaid will be sentenced on Thursday after being found guilty of three counts of assault by beating of an emergency worker.

The 42-year-old denied the offences but was found guilty after a trial.

South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court heard Podsaid, originally from Poland, assaulted the three emergency service workers after being taken to Furness General Hospital (FGH).

Podsaid told the court he had got into an altercation with another man in Barrow on the morning of June 28.

Barrow PC Stephen Herbert took Podsaid to the hospital and described the defendant as ‘very aggressive’.

The court heard PC Herbert and his colleague went into a cubicle with Podsaid, where doctor Nazreen Sahbeer was called.

Dr Sahbeer said: “Mr Podsaid had a laceration to the lip, which needed stitches.

“I could smell alcohol on him and I ordered a CT scan of his brain because I believed he had an injury to his head as he seemed confused.”

FGH radiographer Kirsty Thompson said: “He was brought into the x-ray room.

“He was swearing at myself and my colleagues throughout and was generally unpleasant during the x-ray.

“As we tried to transfer him back onto the trolley, he spat blood on my tunic, which caused me distress.

“The way it happened I would say it was on purpose because it hit me with force.

“The incident made me feel disgusted, dirty and violated.”

FGH staff member Amy Beckett gave evidence as a witness.

She said: “I saw him prepare his breath and then he spat blood at Kirsty.

“He then proceeded to urinate himself, which he kept threatening to do.”

Dr Nazreen said: “After he came back from the scan, his report was normal.

“I then wanted to give him an injection to reverse any substances I believe he’d consumed.”

Ms Sahbeer told the court she believed Mr Podsaid gave her his consent to inject the needle until he lifted his foot up and kicked her in her right cheek.

“The force of the kick was hard and he hurt me as he was wearing his boots,” said Dr Sahbeer.

“I had to leave the cubicle because I was so upset.”

PC Herbert said Podsaid later punched him in the stomach.

He said: “The punch hurt and we restrained him, placed a spit hood over his face and took him into custody.”

Defending himself, Podsaid said he did not remember any of the witnesses in court providing evidence against him, and he only remembers being in Barrow during the morning and police custody in the evening.

The defendant said he had a history of blackouts but failed to exhibit medical records in court.