REELING in the latest award for Trader of the Week is Angling & Hiking Centre.

The business, on Rawlinson Street, is one of the last in Barrow to not sell online, and owner Tim Errington, 58, is happy with his decision to hold the traditional way of trading.

Working with his wife and son, Claire Errington, 54, and Adam Errington, 29, Mr Errington’s angling store caters for all types of fishing and stock products from a range of suppliers.

Mr Errington said: “First off, thank you those who nominated us for this award.

“It’s great to see the people supporting local businesses.

“We’ve had the store for 13 years since we took over it from former owner and Barrow man Malcolm Groundwell.”

Mr Groundwell established the company in 1991.

The long-standing store is one of the last angling shops serving fishermen.

“We hold many open competitions working with Furness Fishing Association (FFA),” said Mr Errington.

In fact, the family of three held a two-day Open beach competition and a night league sea match this weekend, organised by FFA.

“We order ragworm and creeper (fresh bait) especially for these the matches,” said Mrs Errington.

As well as providing the Furness public with the latest fishing and angling equipment, the team are constantly helping each other too.

Mr Errington said: “I was recently at Blackpool hospital for eight weeks recovering from a triple-heart bypass.

“During my time away, I’d like to thank my son and wife who have been holding the fort.”

Mr Errington also thanked his daughter, Kay Errington, 27, who returned to Barrow from Lancaster on numerous occasions, where she works at the Dukes Theatre.

Strong family ties mirrors the store’s relationships with their customer base.

“It’s always been important for us to provide a personal touch with our customers," he said.

“We get regular customers from Barrow, but a lot of our trade comes from people travelling to Scandinavia and the Shetlands.”

Going forward, the team are looking to increase their position of helping hold more events.

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