In a response to the Mail headline on August 2 'Services slashed in council cuts' I can understand the quandary that Barrow council are in at having to make "savings" to the tune of £2.7 million, but that doesn't mean to say they have to agree to it, none of us should.

For Barrow council to agree to this kind of political ideology actually means that they are placating Conservative government policy and that is totally unacceptable.

They should be fighting back. All of us should.

All council officials should be screaming and shouting from the rooftops for more funding from Whitehall to fund local services and I for one will not accept the argument that there is no money available.

That is total nonsense!

Also I recommend that all services should be under council control and not put out to the private sector because we only have to observe what Tory-backed privatisation policies have done - they've been disastrous!

If the council has a financial hole to fill up there should be a large taxation upon privatised companies and their bosses who rake in £billions each years, stop all tax avoidance by the super-rich capitalists who also dodge paying tax to the tune of £billions which in turn indicates that the money is there.

The problem is it is in the wrong hands.

Charlie Dowthwaite,