A BAN on drivers using mobile phones in hands-free mode should be considered, MPs have said.

Current laws which only proscribe the use of devices being held by drivers gives the 'misleading impression' that hands-free use is safe despite it creating 'the same risks of a collision', a report published by the Commons Transport Select Committee warned.

In 2017, there were 773 casualties on Britain's roads - including 43 deaths and 135 serious injuries - in crashes where a driver using a mobile was a contributory factor.

The Mail's reader have had their say.

Ashly Philipson Radios are a distraction. Passengers are a distraction. Kids screaming in the back is a distraction. Guess we should just ban all of these things.

June Madison What next? Banning kids, dogs or any-all passengers sat navs and radios. How about smoking eating food etc? Passed a guy stuffing a Big Mac, who was one-handed driving. Can’t even police the current law of using handheld phones, still a lot of drivers using them.

Darren Atkinson How many of those 773 were hands-free devices? It doesn’t say, but would be interesting. They also say a 'contributing factor'. How much was attributed? 10%?, 50%? 90%? If you ban the use of hands-free then the emergency services will have to banned too, and we cannot have a law for them and a law for us. I would like to see a five-year ban if caught texting, and a license revoked and made to retake your test if caught calling on a handheld device.

Shaun Fisher People need to get a grip, hands-free is safer than touching your radio or CD player yet those are allowed and classed as safe? What next? You have devices such as Tom-Toms to help navigate yet those aren't distractions? People need to get off the phone band wagon and start realising it's the drivers not the tech that's inside the car.

Allan Keeler What did we do before mobile phones get message when you arrive at the place you going i think its a good thing.

Bradley Bibby You won’t be able to talk to the passenger next.

Ken Garratt Be safer to just ban cars.

Christopher Wilde Blinking will be next.

Matt Lipscombe Will be banning playing the radio in cars next.

Therese Assouad I think they are a cause of distraction when driving.

How about drivers eating,drinking or smoking while driving too?

Dave Thomas You already can be done for eating and drinking while driving.