RESIDENTS of a Barrow estate have come together to improve the area.

A number of people who live on Low White Close in Ormsgill decided to clear up an area on the estate after it was left covered in rubbish and litter.

The area designated for residents to leave their bins for collection was full of rubbish which had just been left.

One resident said: "We would appreciate it if all tenants who use these bins take the time to actually put the rubbish in the bins and not just throw it over the fence and please make sure the bin lids are closed too so the seagulls don't rip the bags open."

Ormsgill Councillor Bill McEwan said: "We are fed up cleaning this area, I don't know how many times it's been left clean and tidy after a clean and then it ends up the same.

"We have to catch the culprits, I have been in touch with the residents who cleaned it."