A GROUP tackling mental health stigma in men have confirmed a rise of people in crisis coming forward.

Mark Bell, Men’s Group Barrow chairman, who has been with the group for 11 months, confirmed there has been an increase of its online members and attendees.

Now a constituted charity, the group are applying for more funding to increase opening hours and activities to reach men who may find it easier to open up about their struggles via alternative methods.

Mr Bell said: “We’re finding different ways we can support men, while offering places to go for professional help and make people feel comfortable talking about their issues.

“Men may not enjoy siting in a room, so we’re looking into funding to put on adult activities and team-building exercises.”

The group chairman also stated the importance of initiatives such as The Mail’s ‘Time to Talk’ campaign.

He said: “It’s important to see The Mail wanting to help save lives by getting people to talk about mental health issues and knowing there are places to go for support, instead of men being told to ‘man up’.

“We could help improve the community and support others struggling.

“Members meet outside of the group to share common interests and hobbies.”

As well as increasing opening hours and activities, Men’s Group Barrow are looking to offer training courses for suicide awareness and health walk leaders.

The group do weekly check-ins at Barrow Raiders’ Craven Park on Mondays starting at 7pm.