AFTER traffic chaos struck the A590 once again news of an investigation into the road will come as a welcome relief to many.

On Saturday motorists were faced with over two hours worth of delays after police were forced to close the A590 in both directions between Greenodd Roundabout and Haverthwaite.

This was as a result of a two-car crash between two Audis at around 10.30am.

Due to it taking place on a single carriageway section of the road it was not until around 1pm that police were able to open it fully.

The Mail's readers have had their say.

Angela Wear said: 1) Route over the Bay. 2) Dual carriageway for the entire A590, it's ridiculous that farm vehicles, road works, accidents etc bring a major road to a virtual crawl. 3) Recognition that the A590 is no longer fit for purpose. It's the only route serving the Furness peninsula and should be upgraded. 4) Take a drive off the A590 onto the old road at Low & High Newton. That should remind people that is was considered acceptable to drive through as farm yard. Many died on the old road before something was done.

Greg Wood Average speed cameras all the way from Ulverston to Newby Bridge.

Stephen Fell Straighten the Bouth road bends out as there’s plenty of room to widen it there. And look at adding dual carriageway from Lindale to Ulverston, and build the barrage across the bay, this will reduce wagons and delivery traffic to Barrow, Ulverston, Dalton etc on A590. More supermarkets being built so more delivery wagons.

Gaz Jacques Dual carriageway from the High Newton bypass through to Greenodd roundabout, cut out Newby Bridge and the runway altogether.

Graham Wilson It’ll be the same thing as always. The Mail ask people how they can improve the A590 and people will answer. Eventually the money will be available, the work starts to sort it out... and so does the complaining that there are roadworks on the A590 and the delays cause a meltdown.

Eileen Wearing A bridge over the bay. Too many crashes and deaths on this horrendous road.

Adam Downing Absolutely nothing. The roads are fine, 99% of crashes are drivers errors. We don't need more major roadworks causing chaos.

Joanne Gutkowski No such thing as a bad road, just bad driving.

Michelle Bartlett I agree dual carriageway all the way from Barrow to motorway.

Darren Barry-Sheene More police patrols, not cameras. Speed does NOT cause accidents. Inappropriate speed and poor driving standards does.