FURNESS Labour Candidate, Chris Altree, has highlighted funding cuts of almost 50 per cent to Cumbria’s youth offending team over the last nine years.

Figures show that Cumbria's youth offending team funding has been cut by £662,283 since 2010.

These cuts total 47 per cent of funding for the team.

Mr Altree, who will run for Labour in the next General Election, has condemned the cuts.

He said: " There is no excuse for violent behaviour or crime. However, it's also a fact that when vital services and opportunities are taken away, crime and disorder rises.

"Furness communities, such as my own, benefit so much from their youth offending teams.

"They do so much good work in stopping young people committing crime or becoming victims of crime."

Nationally, The Conservative's have slashed central government funding for youth offending teams by over half from £145m in 2010 to £71m in 2018.