BARROW Lifeboat Station (BLS) have revealed how many incidents they deal with on average each year.

The statistics come as part of highlighting the RNLI's (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) ‘Float to Live’ campaign is bidding to prevent more drowning deaths.

BLS spokesperson, Chris Clouter said: "Each year about 150 people lose their lives at the coast and of those about half never intended to enter the water.

"We get anything from about 30 call-outs per annum.

"Barrow and Walney are by far the busiest areas for us, but we have attended incidents well out into the Irish Sea.

"The call-outs range from people being cut off by the tide, vessels breaking down, boats breaking free from their moorings, assisting searches for missing people, false alarms (e.g. reported with good intent but turns out to be an object in the water not a person) to people on board vessels getting injured (medivacs), collisions, vessels sinking and so on."