CALLS have been made for a new supermarket to transform a town.

Dalton could benefit from a Sainsbury’s supermarket to revive the town following a number of shop closures, it has been said.

It follows similar lamentations from a letter sent to The Mail blasting a supposed decline in the ancient capital of Furness after a number of community assets were closed or sold off.

The Mail readers have had their say on the news.

Tony Sayle Councillor Maddox moaning about shops closing, in another breath prefers to go to Tesco in Barrow than support her local Co-op.

Matthew Jacob Councillor Maddox proposing a supermarket to attempt to boost footfall and improve the liveliness of Dalton gives me information as to the reason why Dalton is failing miserably. Ulverston has a Booths on its outskirts and a small Tesco on the main street, but other than that it is independent. Dalton needs to use a similar model to Ulverston, and potentially create more of a partnership with the zoo to house tourists while they are in the area at a cost, which beats that of Ulverston. It needs to build amenities and a reason to stay however before this would ever happen. Find some land locally for an oasis type resort, with numerous activities making use of our local terrain, including a day at the zoo and with Lake District excursions, which will attract people of considerable wealth. The last thing you want is a supermarket.

Sylvia Stoker Thanks to various councils we have no parking in Dalton to encourage new shops to open. The Co op is a very nice shop with friendly staff. Thank goodness it is there. Some people do not have cars to travel.

Karan Locke Ridiculous idea. There is CO- OP, a butcher, just need the veg shop to reopen when they retire.

Elaine Hird-Kayes Are you joking Sainsbury's it's to expensive.

Barry Davies There's not enough business for a Sainsbury's in Dalton.

Gaz Sim It's a nightmare driving through Dalton at the moment what would it be like with a super market?

Scott Glitch In all honesty it'll take more than one supermarket. It's something but far far from the help this town needs.

Kay Oldcorn Why another supermarket? A lot of the small towns and villages are kissing their charter because of supermarkets.