Strapline: Victorian outfits helped youngsters get a feel for education as it used to be as a St Paul’s celebrated its 150th anniversary

A CAKE, Victorian outfits and a tree-planting ceremony helped a Barrow school celebrate its 150th anniversary back in 1993.

The Mail, on Saturday June 26, noted: "The clock was turned back at St Paul's Junior School this week when pupils dressed in costume for a taste of the Victorian classroom.

"They lined up for finger nail inspection, chanted multiplication tables and dutifully addressed all the teachers as miss or sir.

"St Paul's celebrates its 150th birthday later this year and as part of the celebration it was staging a Victorian week."

Headteacher Richard Sanderson said: “Teachers and pupils have been dressed in role.

"All the children had to stand up when I came in the room and the teachers called them by surname instead of first names.

"There were very few smiles. It was very much the way it would have been."

The Mail, on Thursday, October 28, described what parents and staff and pupils could look forward to during the main phase of anniversary events.

It noted: "Next week St Paul's begins the second part of the 150 year celebrations.

"There are events all week climaxing in a special happy birthday on Friday, November 5, with a specially made birthday cake.

"On Wednesday there is an afternoon of Victorian poetry and a poetry reciting competition introduced by the Reverend Christopher Jenkins.

"The actual birthday of the school is on Thursday when the oldest surviving pupils return to their roots to plant a rose garden with a special memorial plaque.

"At 6pm there will be a commemorative service at St Paul's Church followed by a reunion supper for former pupils and staff."

Matthew Grizedale was 10 on the day of the school celebrations and so was given the task of blowing out the candles on the 150 th anniversary cake.

The oldest visitor to the school events was 90-year-old former pupil May Unsworth.

Another making a return to the school was former headteacher Sid Bundy who took the opportunity to meet ex-pupils.

He said: "The oldest started the school in 1908 and we had people who were at the school during both world wars."