ON Saturday, August 17, hounds and fell runners will be among those striving for the finishing line at the Rusland Valley Horticultural Show.

To mark the latest staging of this traditional mix of growing, crafts and sports we are taking a look back a quarter-century to the events at Whitetock Meadow, Rusland, in 1994.

The gates to the 2019 event open at 11.30am with the first events due to start at 12.20pm.

There will be marquees filled with horticulture, home produce, handicrafts, photography and film.

Sporting events include everything from fell and track races to a tug-of-war.

The show was born in 1871 when a group of six farmers and gardeners came up with the idea of holding a small flower show and plant sale in the Old School at Rusland.

The Mail, on Monday, August 22, in 1994, noted that Kirkby's John Akinson was the winner of the senior fell race.

Dennis Bevin, aged 76, entered the 220 yard handicap sprint event - it was the 70th individual event he had taken part in at Rusland through the years.