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[STANDFIRST] From the latest matches to humorous debate and plenty of sporting legends, Back Of The Net has all the hallmarks of a great football show. But there's more to it than meets the eye, its hosts tell Gemma Dunn.

Peter Crouch may have recently announced his retirement from football, yet his association with the sport is far from over.

For pledging his transition from bench to sofa, the former England striker will next join comedian John Bishop and veteran broadcaster Gabby Logan in hosting Amazon Prime's new studio entertainment show Back Of The Net.

Launching at the beginning of the 2019-2020 Premier League season, the weekly format will see the trio joined by a live studio audience, plus celebrity guests, as they look back at the latest matches and forward to the next.

As well as regular fun features, the series will also require Crouch, 38, to brush up his interviewer skills, as the 6ft 7in forward chats to some of the sport's greatest names.

But it's "far from a parody of Match Of The Day!" quips Bishop, 52. "It's going to be, 'Here's a load of fun stuff and entertainment mixed together'."

"Football is about passion, skill and rivalries but ultimately it's about people and their stories," adds Logan, 46. "And there's so much fun to be had around the beautiful game every week in the Premier League."

So with a successful pilot in the bag, what else can the trio tell us about the upcoming run?


Logan: "I'm such a perfectionist, that I drove home that night thinking of all the things we could have done - then when I saw the edit, I thought, 'That was alright!'."

Bishop: "It was good, but it was also a real learning curve. There was a moment where we said, 'OK let's get in the studio, we'll have a quick run through, do the auto cue' and obviously me and Gabby know what to do - put an ear piece in - but Peter just stood there. And they're like, 'OK Peter, it's your auto cue'. And he went 'What?' I said, 'Just stop for a minute. Can everyone just remember he's a Premier League footballer, he's never seen an auto cue, we've got to have five minutes!'. He's so comfortable, you forget..."


Bishop: "There's Soccer AM [already] but this will be in the evening, so people can stream it whenever they want. We'll be talking about the football events of the week and then have some silly stuff as well. You've got to be a football fan [though]: if you don't like football I don't think this show is going to make you like it. But it might introduce you to it. What we forget is that the Premier League is the biggest sporting thing in the world. It's global. And as a result we hope it's going to be massive in China!"


Bishop: "I know Gabby well. [Peter], I know from when he was at Liverpool. Everybody liked him, and he's got such a down to earth persona. He's one of those Premier League players where if he wasn't playing, he'd be a fan. And that's not the same for all of them. If they weren't playing football, they'd be an elite athlete doing something else. But the key thing is to have that chemistry, and it was honestly comfortable. It was just like putting on a glove."

Logan: "We've worked in our industries for a long time, so there's a trust you know what you're doing and hopefully that will lend itself to a better chemistry."


Crouch: "Gabby won't say this, but she does hold it together! We do a bit of presenting."

Logan: "Peter is being modest. We've seen what a good broadcaster he is in terms of telling stories and that's what we are: communicators. We want to get information from people and talk about experiences and he has got a wealth of experience. But rather than auto cue, it's more conversational. We're not linking VT's, it's about joining in, games, the studio audience... So hopefully the dynamic between us will grow as we get to know each other more."

Bishop: "Peter's there as the eyes of what it's like in the dressing room. Peter's lived the life. Gabby's there as the sports journalist who knows everything and is, if you like, the one with the real facts. And I'm there as the fan. I'm there as, 'I can't believe I'm on telly talking about football'. It's brilliant."


Crouch: "I interview a legend each week away from the show, which is shown in the programme. I'm really excited about that because a lot of them are my heroes. Gianluca Vialli was a hero of mine growing up and I saw him in a coffee shop recently and I couldn't speak. I've met loads of people, but he was big for me. I found it difficult to talk to him so hopefully I won't do that!"

Logan: "We got high quality in the pilot. I hope once we've been going for a while the football world will see the kind of show it is, and those names will want to come on because they'll see the way they are being spoken to. Peter's association means people will know this is a certain type of show."

Bishop: "Obviously I'm going to say Kenny Dalglish or Jurgen Klopp. But anybody who's lived that life. In the past, Premiership players used to stop playing and then either run a pub or disappear or go into management. Now they have a relationship with the media and would look to go into the media. Peter being a fine example."


Bishop: "We talked about footballers being very guarded and quite boring in interviews, but in this show we're going to get good guests on and put a different spin on football. You'll see footballers in a different environment and doing things you wouldn't normally see; that's what I like about the show."

Logan: "Footballers, in the last few years, have been able to show a bit more of themselves on social media and decide the kind of person they want to project. But on TV, and the traditional broadcast formats, you still see them being footballers, answering questions about football; and when you try and do a sit-down interview, there's a cynicism that you're going to try and catch them out. Whereas with this, everyone can be a bit silly and it's fine. As we have discovered from Peter, there's a lot more than meets the eye."

Back Of The Net launches on Amazon Prime Video on Tuesday August 13.