IT was only at the start of this week that we revealed new statistics showing that rural crime has spiked in the last year.

Today, we have a sick and horrific example of it right on the doorstep.

A farmer’s young foals have been abused as some kind of perverse moving target by a gang of feral kids armed with bricks and sticks.

The reports suggest this is not an isolated incident either.

It looks like pre-meditated and repeated behaviour.

In short, those involved must think it’s all a bit of a laugh.

What can possibly be going through their tiny little minds?

And why don’t their parents know what their little monsters are getting up to during the school holidays or where they are?

Can they not be bothered? Do they not care?

Do they view parenting as the responsibility of someone else?

The mind boggles.

For all the genuine hardships faced by many today, the younger generation have far more entertainment at their disposal than any of those who went before.

Just ask the older generation.

There is simple no excuse.

Let’s hope the community keeps its eyes peeled and the parents show a bit more interest into where their children are and exactly what they are up to.