I was in the oncology unit with my dad.

All is going well for him thankfully.

I watched the amazing nurses on the unit all looking after their patients with so much care, compassion & skill.

It made me feel so emotional & realise just how fortunate we are.

We are so so lucky to have such incredible nurses and such a wonderful NHS.

I really can’t thank the staff on FGH oncology unit enough for all they are doing for my dad & the many patients they are treating every day. We are greeted so warmly every time we’re there.

They work so hard.

God knows where we would be without them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those nurses out there who do such great work & make difficult times for patients and family that little bit easier.

So often, all we hear are complaints about the nhs but it’s incredible staff all deserve so much more gratitude & recognition for the incredible work they do

Nerissa Nicholas