PUPILS at a Barrow school had no need for a time machine as they were whisked from Viking times to the era of air raids and rationing in the space of a day.

The Mail, on April 13 in 1994, noted: “The Second World War came to St Paul’s Church of England Junior School when an Air Raid Precautions warden came to visit.

“Iain McNicol took on the role to help the children out with their history project.

“Members of the community also came into the school to share their memories of the war with students.

“Then Mr McNicol did a miraculous change into a Viking farmer for year three’s project on Romans, Saxons and Vikings.

“The children were fascinated by the surprise visit of a Viking who had never heard of TV.

“He showed them Viking games and answered their questions on what the Vikings ate.

“He also explained that Vikings wore a lot of jewellery as it was wealth they carried around with them.”

Teacher Angela Silcocks said: “They had a good time and it helps to bring a topic to life for them.”

Vikings had also featured in a school project in 1991 and used what they had learned to present a farewell show for student teachers they had worked with.

The Mail, on June 15, noted: “They used cardboard to make weapons, pasta and card for jewellery, papier mache for armour and screen-printing for T-shirts.

“They round off the Scandinavian Invaders project with a fashion show.”

Costumes of more modern design were on show in 1988 as pupils presented a Musical Spectacular.

The Mail, on March 24, noted: “Musical director Liz Dunn put the 65 pupils, aged between eight and 11, through a gruelling seven-month rehearsal period for them to be word perfect on the opening night.

“The show has six central themes – Annie, football, South Pacific, Pinocchio, Snow White, Bugsy Malone – with an additional medley of songs called Girls, Girls, Girls.”

In January 1998 youngsters wrote limericks to raise awareness of fruit and vegetables and the winning entry by nine-year-old Laura brought the school an apple tree from school meal providers Cumbria Contract Catering Services.