THERE’S little doubt that GRILLa Cheese has become a real success story for Barrow.

A novel idea - adored by its customers – its fills a gap in the local takeaway market and the town’s rumbling tums!

It is good to see that Barrow Council does not intend to stand in the or take a hard line on its planning application.

Planning departments have a very difficult job to do - balancing the rights of new businesses against the rights of residents, as well as following the complex letter of the law and planning policies.

Despite the objections of a couple of residents, it looks clear that the council will set certain conditions to help minimise any detrimental impact. Business is hard enough to get off the ground these days and is mired in all manner of red tape.

This can make it expensive, difficult and off-putting to step into the brave new world of running your own company. Barrow, along with Copeland, is one of the few places in Cumbria which has traditionally struggled to get new business start-ups.

But there have been positive signs recently of a new generation of young businesspeople investing in Barrow and taking a chance on their business dream.

With the future of town centres in a state of flux, it is vital that newcomers are supported to get off the ground.