NESTS of wasps were among the less welcome things attracted to South Cumbria as the temperatures rose 25 years ago.

If you could avoid getting stung there was plenty on offer for youngsters as schools and community halls offered everything from disco and drum sessions to gymnastics and trips to the seaside.

Barrow’s Forum 28 was hosting its Big Fun Club featuring a play called Oranges and Lemons with visiting actors Rob Astery, Steve Drayton and Joanne Horan.

The Mail, on Tuesday, August 2, in 1994, noted: “Swarms of wasps have been plaguing parts of South Lakeland and putting pest control officers in Ulverston and Kendal at full stretch during the recent heatwave.

“Complaints have flooded in from people worried about the wasps building nests and threatening public safety.

“Principle environmental health officer Chris Fidler said that during the past month, South Lakeland Council received 320 emergency call-outs – half the total for the whole of last year.”

He said: “To give an idea of the extent of the problem, last year the total number of call-outs in South Lakeland was 750.”

Summer in Furness can be unpredictable, so umbrellas were brought by music fans to an afternoon open-air concert in Barrow Park.

The Mail, on Monday, August 1 in 1994, noted: “One of Barrow’s top bands The Smashers were due to round things off but the storm clouds which had been gathering at Furness Live Music’s event began their deluge around 4.20pm.

“FLM didn’t want any electrocuted rock stars on their hands and pulled the plug straight away.”

Some people were so well organised that they were seeking holiday bargains a full year in advance.

The Mail, on Monday August 8 in 1994, noted: “Furness sun-seekers are rushing to snap up special offers on next year’s holidays.

“Some tour operators have not yet launched their 1995 brochures but already there’s a price war brewing.

“Most of the area’s agencies have bargain breaks, some at more than 15 per cent off this year’s prices.”

A spokesman for A. T. Mays, of Dalton Road, Barrow, said many bookings had been taken for Spain.

He said: “A price war can only be good for the customer.”