PLANS to build a smoking shelter at a Barrow bingo club have been approved.

Apollo Bingo submitted a planning application to Barrow Borough Council for a smoking shelter at Hollywood Retail Park.

The Mail's readers have had their say.

Amanda Blackley It’s awful having to go in the front door and the casino bit for all the smokers, I hope they will be made to keep to the shelter and not hang around the front door anyway. The gaming machine and ticket sales room stinks too. Not nice for non-smokers and asthma sufferers.

John Wadsworth Probably in response to the Kwik Save bingo having a designated smoking shelter at the side. Also, McDonald's used to tell their staff to smoke by the bingo and not near their own premises. Where will they go?

Alan Taylor They have been on about this forever bit late now opera is opening soon and the amount of people who has said it's gone downhill will end up closing down due too lack of customers.

Brad Palfreyman It’s like an episode of stars in their eyes coming out of the bingo hall.

Rose Campbell It's a bit late now isn't it with the new bingo opening soon. There will be no one left to smoke in it anyway... just saying.

Jen Hart About time. I hate having to walk through 10-20 smokers stood huddled round the door and Breath in smoke. If I wanted to smoke I would. It shouldn’t be forced upon me. It stinks.

Lauren Smith They need to. The entrance is rank.

Christian Simpson Didn't they already have one? Outside?

Ami Baker Hopefully people will stop embarrassing themselves standing in the doorway.

Will France Yay, rain free lung cancer.

Wends Chubb Walking past there, through a cloud of smoke is disgusting.

Ayse Purcell fantastic news.

Amii Mcpoland After all this time they decide to put smoking shelter up. Anyone think this is to do with Kwik Save?

Danielle Canis Reilly Good to see Barrow has it's priorities right then.

Dawn Mckellar How thrilling.

Jane Gokce They should make those who smoke the electronic fags go out as well.

Anya Maginness Woop!