IF Barrow is to attract more visitors, people and businesses, then the Marina Village plans must generate a head of steam again.

No-one is suggesting in the current climate that the battle for public funds is simple or speedy to achieve.

And with the Brexit Albatross still circling and word looming of a general election, we may not be any clearer until next year.

It will be 13 years on from when plans were first tabled. In the intervening years, there is no denying that public funding has radically changed.

Austerity was the justification but we have seen close to a decade of that now – the amount of time former chancellor George Osborne said was required.

The top of Government has seen no fewer than three Prime Ministers setting the agenda, which does not help with consistency. Mercilessly dispatched during the incoming coalition during 2010 was the North West Regional Development Agency.

It acted as the pipeline of public cash into areas like Barrow. Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership now seems to be the latest organisation when it comes to acting as the go-between Whitehall and Cumbria.

Despite the unseen work going on behind the scenes, it is essential that any progress made is shared.

If not, it will only increase the scepticism that it’s a white elephant which may never see the light of day.