BORIS Johnson faces a massive in-tray and a clamour of competing priorities having finally taken up office this week.

Yet credit where it’s due, Barrow Independent MP John Woodcock was fast off his feet to twist his arm and get a commitment to the Barrow shipyard.

It’s worth reminding the new premier that nearly 6,000 jobs in the borough depend on BAE Systems and Government orders.

Despite long promised noises about diversification, it remains the lynchpin of the borough’s economy.

Mr Woodcock needs recognition for managing to squeeze a pledge from the new occupant of Number 10 just hours into his career.

It is important that the nation’s nuclear deterrent remains uppermost in the PM’s mind, as well as side issues such as Brexit!

The coming days and weeks will see Mr Johnson come under repeated pressure to make a range of commitments.

He will not be able to keep all of his promises.

And it is disappointing that he used his first address to chuck custard pies at the Labour front bench.

The vast majority of people have had their fill of political posturing and gamesmanship.

Let’s hope we can move forward in mutual co-operation rather than reverting to tit-for-tat name-calling.