well, the children have now broken up for the school holidays.

For parents, these next couple of weeks can be a logistical nightmare.

How to entertain the children and taking time off work are just some of the considerations.

But for some families the summer break poses much more serious problems.

In an area such as Barrow with widespread poverty, free school meals can sometimes be the only hot meal children get.

Good nutrition is vital for brainpower and a healthy lifestyle.

But during the summer, that is taken away.

Thankfully, we have a brilliant team of volunteers at Barrow Foodbank and generous donations are helping to keep stocks at a good level.

1,397 people used the Barrow Foodbank between the start of April and July 17 this year.

Churches are running lunch clubs for families and children who need extra support.

But there are already signs of a spike in use just a few days into the holiday.

That could lead to stocks diminishing.

So next time you are at the supermarket, buy an extra few tins of food or long life products.

It could go a long way to making the holidays more enjoyable.