Shirley Bossio They're awful, a few years ago my German shep had 10 pups, at around six weeks old we let them out into our back garden with their mum and our other dog, my neighbours shouted me, gulls were swooping trying to get the puppies..

Jane Alexander Meet Gizmo from Askam. Better keep him on a lead now. He's not keen on seagulls

Paul Swift Story about a seagull #9, I have had to wait a few days for this story. Keep up the good news reports.

Marell Wessels I love seagulls. But wasn't happy when one tried snatching my old Tabby cat. At least my cat winged the seagull. And we had to give first aid. LoL LOLOL

Jeffrey Holt This story is paws-itively horrible. Unless it’s one of them urban legends in which case I’m pretty GULLible to have believed it

Gill Andrew Jeffrey Holt actually it is a true story so have a little bit of compassion for the owner who saw it happen

Gemma Thompson “It’s only a matter of time before a dog in Barrow is similarly lampooned” - hmmm....Barrow full of seagulls that take the piss out of dogs is it?

Jo Braithwaite Sorry but mean to be cruel or unkind But it’s about time some of seagulls culled to many of them and not enough food for them

Rowan Greenway Sure I saw a Labrador in the sky in Hindpool earlier.

Scott Sonatas It'll be chasing a frisbee.

Scott Glitch One incident and the world goes gull hate crazy. P.s. dog attacks. Human attacks. Cow charge attacks,...etc...

Kristian Conaghan Get a proper dog and it wouldn’t happen

Wayne Jackson These gulls need their numbers radically reducing they are making a mess everywhere. They are just vermin

Lucy Simmons So this story is actually real? I thought it was made up, I feel bad for laughing now

Zori Mihneva Lucy Simmons it’s real apparently.