ENVIRONMENTAL champions have taken on a second major retailer after another dead gull was found in netting above their stores.

Janine Fleming of Bardsea Bird Sanctuary has voiced her concerns after a gull was found dead in the netting above Pets At Home on Hindpool Road.

After seeing the dead gull she said: "Pets at Home don't care about wildlife. They used to let local wildlife charities go in to raise awareness and much needed funds but no longer allow them. They sell wildlife food though so are very happy to make money from wildlife. Shame on them."

Another member of the Tweet Fleet, a local wildlife group, said: "It's disappointing with the nature of the store.

"Makes you question where their heart is at doesn't it?"

A spokesperson from Pets At Home said: "We’re really sorry that some customers have found it distressing to see deceased gulls on our roof, our colleagues are upset by it too. The netting we use is wildlife friendly but until we can get up there to take a look, we can’t for sure say what’s happened to it or to confirm if it has become damaged. If it has become damaged we will need to investigate what has caused it to fail in this way which could be due to a number of reasons.

"The netting was originally put up to stop gulls nesting as sometimes baby chicks were falling from the roof which was a very sad end to a short life for them, and upsetting for customers to see. Also in breeding season the mother gulls were becoming very aggressive, and sometimes would attack customers and their dogs on the retail park.

"We’re going as fast as we can to be able to get up on the roof but because it’s so high we need specialist equipment to get a person up there safely, which is on the way. The equipment and contractors are due on site today and we hope to have this rectified as quickly as possible. Please rest assured we are addressing the problem as fast as possible and in the most wildlife friendly way, all we ask for is a chance to put it right as quickly as we can.