AN Ulverston business woman has spoke of her plans for expansion after her shop's successful first year.

Ella Cheeseman, who runs vegetarian and largely vegan bakery, Ripe, in Ulverston, opened the store in June 2018.

She said: "Business has been great.

"I'm looking to extend opening hours and advertising for staff at the moment.

"In terms of the vegetarian and vegan market it's hard to say, as yes many of my customers are vegetarian or vegan, but also a lot are not and may not even realise that they may be eating a vegan cake.

“I want to put people in touch with real food and where it comes from.

"Our food is as non-processed as possible, which is naturally much better for you.

"Sustainability and locality are also really important when it comes to sourcing our ingredients. The dream would be to one day produce all our food."