RESIDENTS have blamed motorists and parents picking up kids for the loss of characteristic flagstones on a Barrow street.

Earlier this month Cumbria County Council's highways department began replacing the flagstones on the pavement in Harrel Lane with tarmac after receiving reports of pedestrians tripping on the damaged surface.

A number of residents flagged up their unhappiness with the change and highlighted the personal expense they have faced in recent years in paying for dropped kerbs.

One resident who has lived on the street for more than 60 years believes she knows the reason why the flagstones suffer such significant damage.

"My parents moved here when I was 13 in the 1950s, when the houses in Harrel Lane were new-builds," Joan Hartley said.

"I know the council is concerned about people tripping but you have to ask why the surface becomes uneven and it's mainly because so many cars park on the pavements."

Mrs Hartley, 77, said the road is regularly packed with cars when parents collect their children from nearby schools.

Harrel Lane is a key route close to Newbarns Primary School, Holy Family Primary School, St Bernard's School and Barrow Sixth Form.

"You see some people sitting in their car for half an hour before schools finish just so they can get close," Mrs Hartley added.

"They sit with their engines running. Youngsters are so aware of the impact on the environment but their parents seem oblivious.

"It's no wonder we're seeing such a rise in asthma and other respiratory diseases.

"People are in such a rush, and mount the pavement at speed, so it's no surprise our pavements are suffering."