REELING its way into the Trader of the Week spot is Andrea’s Fabrix.

Located in Barrow Market Hall, the sewing and fabrics stall was nominated for its quick and ‘brilliant’ service.

Holding the store together, with her handy needle and thread, is owner Andrea Leake, 61.

Accepting the award, she said: “It’s quite surprising to win, but it’s lovely to know the stall in appreciated.

“I’ve worked in the market for more than 34 years as a trader, but I went out on my own to open Andrea’s Fabrix in 2004.”

Ulverston man, Guy Pickup said: “I would like to nominate the lady that runs Andrea’s Fabrix.

“Last week, by chance, I was needing a couple of badges sewing onto a new hooded top, which I had just purchased in Australia after a trip with family.

“She (Andrea) promptly helped and was brilliant.

“It only took a few minutes and I thought she provided absolutely brilliant customer service - thanks again.”

Along with Mr Pickup’s nomination, a fellow market trader was kind enough to give their verdict on Mrs Leake’s sewing machine skills.

Jayne Iqbal, who helps manage Sobia Fashion, said: “She fully deserves the award as she works very hard.

“She’s a great lady of the market.”

Providing a variety of services, Andrea’s Fabrix can assist customers with repairs, dress making, quilting, crafting, and of course, sewing advice for needle novices.

Mrs Leake thanked her daughter 26-year-old Ashley Murphy, who runs the stall Ashley Rose - situated next to the Trader of the Week award-winning shop.

“I’d like to thank my daughter Ashley Rose,” said Mrs Leake.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to meet the demand without her help.

“Although my daughter and I have separate shops, we took down the wall between the stalls.

“That way we’ve got each other’s backs.”

After running the stall for 15 years, Mrs Leake revealed a few odd customer requests which she promised were not stitch ups.

She said: “One of the most memorable jobs I had was to make giant tutus for a team of rugby players.

“A few people have come in asking for me to repair underpants, which I refused, and I can confirm they were thankfully washed.”

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