Your stars with Russell Grant...

Aries (Mar21/Apr20)

It feels nice to get away from the crowd. Stay away from social media and turn off your mobile. While you’re at it, avoid newspapers and media broadcasts. Give yourself a chance to experience the world without late breaking stories and angry rants. Taking up a course of study at home will be a good use of your time. You enjoy learning at your own pace. Watch some instructional videos online. They can show you how to do anything from bake a cake to build a motor engine.

Taurus (Apr21/May21)

Considerate friends are trying to help you escape from a self-imposed prison. Stop brushing away their offers of assistance. By taking their advice, you’ll become aware of an exciting opportunity. Realising a childhood dream will restore your confidence and zest for life. Your conversational skills are very strong. This is a great time to go to a party. People will love your humorous stories. Their laughter will boost your confidence. There’s nothing more satisfying than an appreciative audience.

Gemini (May22/Jun21)

If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. This is important to remember, especially regarding your career. There’s no reason you must take a humdrum job when you crave one that is creative, glamorous and fun. Picture yourself doing the work you love. You’re value conscious. When you are ready to buy something expensive, you find the best bargain possible. Extensive searching and clipping out discount coupons will help you save incredible amounts of money. It’s one of your greatest gifts.

Cancer (Jun22/Jul23)

You’ve always been highly idealistic. That’s evident now, when you’re faced with a moral dilemma. Instead of taking the easy way out, you will make a personal sacrifice. This wins the admiration of the rest of the group, who have become used to power plays. You’re more talkative than usual. Seek the company of a trusted confidante. Tell them about an exciting idea you have been developing. They’ll give marvellous feedback that will save time, money and energy.

Leo (Jul24/Aug23)

A glamorous outing fills you with excitement. You love getting dressed up and making a dramatic entrance. If you’re single, you’ll easily attract admirers. Choose the one who is shy, sweet and star struck. You’ll make a wonderful couple who creates excitement wherever you go. When it comes to big decisions, you use feelings instead of logic. This makes your rational friends nervous. Don’t try to convince your loved ones your way is the best way. They’ll never believe you.

Virgo (Aug24/Sep23)

You’re attracted to a highly impractical person. That shouldn’t be a source of despair. You learn most from those who are unlike you. Think of how boring life would be if you embarked on a romance with someone who is just as sensible as you. It’s easy for you to work in a collaborative setting. When someone criticises your ideas, you’re not offended. You’re determined to hit upon the perfect plan. If that means revising some of your opinions, so be it.

Libra (Sep24/Oct23)

You’ve been blessed with lots of artistic ability. Don’t neglect it. If you have a choice between doing mundane chores and developing art projects, pick the latter. The more you flex your imagination, the more successful you become. It’s your destiny. Your speaking and writing abilities will help you attain your dream career. People appreciate the clear way in which you communicate. It’s easy to understand what you expect and how you want work performed. That’s why you’ll be given a high-profile job.

Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22)

Your romantic partner understands what you are feeling just by being in your presence. This powerful connection is reassuring. You know your amour will understand whatever problem you experience. This knowledge allows you to take more financial and creative risks. You express your beliefs with authority. Even people who don’t share your principles respect them. That’s because you have the power of faith. It’s a rare gift that sets you apart from the crowd. Never take it for granted.

Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21)

A calm home life is worth its weight in gold. Although you enjoy a vigorous debate, you don’t like it when arguments become personal. Being able to go home to a tranquil environment helps you recover from impassioned exchanges with colleagues and rivals. Getting to the bottom of a mystery will be lots of fun. Prepare to discover something surprising about someone you have known for years. Everyone has hidden dimensions. This is one of the things that makes life exciting.

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20)

Speak words of forgiveness to someone who is wallowing in shame. Your compassionate attitude will go a long way towards healing their pain. In the past, you were rigid and unyielding to those who hurt you. Now you understand how pointless such an attitude is. You gravitate towards clever people. You’ve never suffered fools gladly. Joining forces with someone who has in-depth knowledge of money will be helpful. Your partner will show you new ways to accumulate a fortune.

Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19)

Spending time on the things you value is the fastest cure for sadness. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy building things, writing stories or playing music. When you do what you love, even the most serious problems become relatively insignificant. Working with specialised technical equipment will be a welcome challenge. You’ll enjoy being one of the few people who knows how to operate these important machines. You’ll also be able to command a high salary because of your knowledge.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20)

People love being around you. That’s because you remind everyone of their better selves. Instead of dwelling on the latest horror stories, you’re quick to give thanks for all the blessings most people ignore. This attitude of gratitude is inspiring. Entering a competition will be a good use of your time. You’ll enjoy seeing how you measure up to the competition. Don’t be surprised when you walk away with the top prize. You’re more talented than you realise.