Marion Hardy Excellent. Wish the police every success and save the parents endless stress if this behaviour can be sorted out now rather than later. With any luck a new government may give us some of our policemen back. Being optimistic!

NarlaJane Robinson Hindpool was never like this when I lived there my entire childhood. It was a lovely place to be. Children need to be disciplined better. Hindpool was the most warm welcoming area ever at one point!

Rohan Suart About time, reason I moved from that area, kids bullying old neighbour, opening our front door, letting dogs out. Discipline starts from home; says it all.

Brett Evans You talk a good game, but sadly the police don't have the manpower or the resources to make those promises and the criminals are well aware of that!

Stuart Balfour Nip this behaviour in the bud? Was that an intended pun? This guy needs to wake up seriously it's past the point of of nipping it in the bud its a whole deforestation that's needed. Got to give it to the guy he does talk the talk that people want to hear, unfortunately there is also a little bit of reality needed. Sending a van with two officers in to deal with gangs of 10+ youths causing a nuisance results in them splitting up for five minutes and then going straight back to what they were doing.

Mandy Chubb Police ought to police the urban park even with their parents their kids are little horrors! Parents should be pulled up on their kids' behaviour!

Sarah Louise Duckworth Hawcoat Park Sports Club, take a run up there each evening you'll catch loads of them smoking cannabis and causing no end of problems.

Donna Woodend Something needs to be done about teenagers in garden on Manchester street. Residents can't use it as they're always in there drinking and smoking weed.