LET us just put it out there that Primark is at risk of undoing the customer loyalty shown towards its brand in Barrow.

For a couple of years now, there have been very vocal pleas from Furness for the budget fashion retailer to set up here.

While Primark isn’t universally loved, many people here would make it a success.

For its part, Primark has been content to make vague statements and wink at us from afar, which has ultimately led to sweet nothing.

It now appears, via its agents, that Barrow is not deemed as a ‘priority location’ for expanding its network, which runs to 350 stores across 11 countries.

Many here will be left wondering just what Barrow has to do to convince store bosses.

Anyone with retail experience knows that companies are very specific about where they go.

A range of evidence is required, not to mention moving to a building which meet its exact requirements.

Yet even with all the space on Dalton Road and our retail parks, it still seems to be a polite no.

Can we suggest the chain tells us just what it wants that Barrow does not have? Because until we find out where we are falling short, the town centre’s ability to lure major high street brands looks decidedly shaky.