A YEAR-long trial to end chaos between cyclists and pedestrians on Walney bridge is doomed to failure, according to a local councillor.

Walney North’s Mel Worth believes the £16,000 Cumbria County Council project could end up being abandoned after just six months.

The trial will start once major works on the 111-year-old Jubilee Bridge are finished.

It would involve cyclists using the south side pavement only and pedestrians restricted to using the north side pavement only.

It has been put forward as a solution to end ‘conflict’ between those trying to cross the bridge.

Despite being on two nationally-recognised long-distance cycle routes, the road over is not wide enough for cycle lanes and neither are its walkways.

It has led to cyclists and pedestrians using walkways on either side and concerns about collisions.

But Cllr Worth has told highways managers he does not believe everyone will obey the new rules and there will be no enforcement of them.

He said: “If people would abide by the rules and cycle on the north side and walk on the south side, that would be great, but I am very pessimistic.”

“The sooner this trial period starts and the sooner we review it, the better as I believe it will fail. Unless we enforce it there will continue to be a conflict between pedestrians and cyclists."

A council survey found that on an average day 24,000 cars used the bridge. It found 379 people cycled on the road, 150 cycled on the footways and more than 1,000 pedestrians walked overl

County council managers have said the trial would rely heavily on ‘self-regulation and adherence’ by those using either the cycle way or the footway.

Barrow MP John Woodcock said: "I am really pleased we have succeeded in our campaign and very much hope that it will prove to be better for all concerned than the mess we have at the moment.

"If people still don't stick to the place they are supposed to be then there will be problems but I am optimistic this will be a step forward."