IT took almost 20 years for Ken Wharton, from Stainton, near Dalton, to build a complete traditional fairground in miniature and in 1994 it was ready to open its doors to visitors.

The completed attraction – with everything from a big wheel and helter skelter, to swing boats and a Waltzer ride – was taken to steam fairs and vintage events all over the North West.

The Mail, on July 19, said: “From bits of plywood, nylon fishing line, car window wiper motors, thousands of Christmas tree lights and mile-upon-mile of electric wiring he’s conjured a marvellous miniature fairground, comprising some 87 individual pieces.”

His model rides and side shows came complete with tiny figures enjoying their visit to this unique funfair.

The article noted: “Close your eyes and it’s not hard to imagine unseen passengers silently screaming in unheard delight, having the time of their tiny lives.

“Muscled boxers stand inside mini-booths, gloves resting on the ropes waiting for the bell to ring.”