Cheryl Richardson So very sorry for your loss. I have used the Pied Piper a couple of times and would highly recommend them.Very efficient company. Hope you take action against this other company. I know it wont fetch back your beloved pet but it might stop this happening again to someone else.

Maria Wright So sorry for your loss RIP little angel.

Chris Bell RIP Dukey, one very special, beautiful boy.

Nina Mortimer Massive love to you Mark and family, rip Dukey.

Jadey Rochelle Stagg So sad. RIP Dukey. Such a character.

Gemma Humes RIP poor baby sending love your family's way.

Paula Chesher This is just awful. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Leanne Crossman So sorry Mark, heartbreaking.

Gillian Sinclair So sad. Poor baby.

Kez Messenger So sad, RIP Dukey.

Cat Myers Oh my god this is awful and that video.

Hannah Dixon Same happened not long ago with my little girl's kitten it broke her heart... So sorry for your loss.

Katy Duncanson How sad, my dog was suspected to have ingested rat poison which killed him and it's the most horrific way to go. Poor boy, thoughts are with you and your family.

Jill Williamson Couldn't watch the video.

Lori Robbo How sad is this.

Rebecca Kleinhans Sarah Hays really sorry to hear this.

Sarah Hays Rebecca Kleinhans thank you, it’s awful isn’t it. Poor Dukey, we miss him so much.

Rebecca Kleinhans Sarah Hays so sad I can't imagine how you must be feeling.

Jade Oxley Will Oxley how heartbreaking. We will have to be careful when taking Pop out.

Amy Hamblin How awful.

Laura Louise Jesson Alison Jesson need to be careful with Rupes.