THE aims of the project are varied.

These aims include helping children understand the engineering heritage of Barrow and the Furness area.

This includes the engineering and technological developments that have taken place to enable so many engineering and advanced manufacturing firms to work in the area.

Employees from different generations working in the engineering and advanced manufacturing firms from Furness visited schools to share the history of the developments that have formed their companies.

The children engaged in practical activities.

These activities are linked to the industry presentations to help reinforced their learning.

St Paul's Juniors pupil, Daniel Johnson took a liking to mixing learning about electricity along with the usage of miniature cars.

He said: "It was really fun because we were able to make solar cars."

Mirroring Daniel's opinion, fellow pupil Ben Birkett spoke about what he enjoyed most of all out of the project.

He said: "I enjoyed learning about solar panels."

Alessia Rigg complimented STEM Ambassador at Siemens Subsea, Mike Jeschke.

She said: "It was explained really well and the engineers answered all of our questions into easy-to-understand answers."