A DOG which savagely attacked a toddler at a caravan park must be kept on a lead or it will be destroyed, a court has ordered.

South Cumbria Magistrates' Court in Barrow heard that Fudge, a black Patterdale Terrier, bit the boy in the attack at Meadowlands Caravan Park in Ulverston on April 11.

The court heard how Caroline Smith was walking Fudge, a dog which was owned by her friend, through the caravan park on an extendable lead.

The dog barked, the court was told, and then ran at a group of small children and bit the boy on the leg.

The lead was said to have been faulty and did not retract.

Smith, 43, of Vicarage Mount, Walney, was told to pay £400 in compensation and carry out 40 hours of unpaid work.

Magistrates said Fudge would be destroyed unless kept on a lead by someone over 16 and fitted with a muzzle.

Sergeant Caroline Milligan from Barrow Police said: “When we are called to a report of a dangerous dog or dog out control we attend and investigate the circumstances. If laws are found to have been broken then appropriate action will be taken.

“We would always advise that people who have been affected by a dangerous or out of control dog report it to the police immediately.

“The law is that, dogs should be kept on a lead in a public place at all times, this helps to keep them under control. This includes any dog you are walking, whether you are the owner or not: the person in charge of the dog is legally responsible for any dog they are walking.”