TWO men appeared at Barrow Magistrates’ Court yesterday accused of three separate allegations of causing the unnecessary suffering of more than 60 reptiles.

Wayne Moffat, 58, of Storey Square, Barrow and Ian Henry, 50, of St Vincent Street, Barrow both pleaded not guilty to three charges of animal neglect within Moffat’s Living World animal store, on Dalton Road, between October 4, 2018 to February 14, 2019.

The first charge put to Moffat and Henry was causing the unnecessary suffering to various reptiles within the store.

The animals affected included a snake with a serious mouth illness and a tortoise suffering from a serious mouth infection.

The court was told a gecko was also found with an injury to its eye, as well as other reptiles found with lesions on their bodies.

The second charge against the pair included failing to provide adequate ultraviolet lighting. The court heard a chameleon, house incorrectly suffered from low calcium levels, resulting in bone disease.

The third charge facing the pair included allegations they failed to seek veterinary assistance for the reptiles, and failing to take action to stop any pain or general suffering.

The court heard three royal pythons unnecessarily suffered after they were housed in inadequately low temperature holdings.

Moffat, who did not have a defence solicitor, explained the reason for the lesions on the animals’ bodies was due to a natural breeding process, where male reptiles get overly ‘rough sometimes’.

Moffat also claimed the gecko’s eye injury could have been due to it scratching itself, rather than avoidable neglect.

He disputed claims he did not provide adequate UV lighting to any of the animals.

In Henry’s defence, solicitor Maureen Faucett claimed he did not work at Living World during the charge dates.

In total, the case is questioning the unnecessary suffering of 66 animals including two monkeys. The case has been earmarked to be sent to crown court for trial with date due to be set today.