COUNCIL bosses have warned they have seized evidence proving who is responsible for dumping binbags in Barrow’s back streets.

At the weekend residents living in the area of Cross Street and School Street in the town centre voiced their disgust after loose bags were ripped apart leaving the alleys filled with litter.

One resident said: “I have to walk past this every day and it’s disgusting!

“This is the backstreet between Cross Street and School Street, between Albert Street (where I live) and Lumley Street.

”I have contacted the council on numerous occasions and they do come and clean it up (every now and again) but within days the rubbish reappears.

“This is disgusting and the council needs to start fining people and or landlords.

“We shouldn’t have to put up with this on a regular basis and it’s also starting to attract vermin.”

In a bid to prevent Barrow returning to the dark days of December 2016 when the town’s recycling sites were piled high with household waste Barrow Borough Council’s streetcare team has been collecting evidence.

Litter left in the backstreets has been seized and officers have been looking for any material which identifies the culprit.

Streetcare Manager Alan Barker said: “Two of our officers spent a number of hours on these streets the other Tuesday clearing away a lot of litter and then the next day there was more.

“We have managed to obtain some evidence and we will be taking action.

“We also plan to identify the landlords of any rented properties believed to be responsible and we’ll be talking to them about the impact their tenants are having on the town and the community.”