IF there is an award circulating for 'best sister of the year', then surely it's on the way to Dalton this year.

Signed, sealed and delivered to Chapelle Cooper. There's little debate about that.

Because when it comes to making a life-changing, selfless act of love to benefit a sibling, the act of giving birth to a child for your brother and his partner has got to be up there at the top.

All we can say is: what a woman to have in your life - batting for your team!

Increasingly these days, all we ever hear about is the bad in people. There's a lot of nervousness, uncertainty and angst, as we rush headlong towards 2020, the third decade of this Millennium.

So every once in a while, it is a genuine relief to hear some good news. It proves that out there, every day, there's a tonne of kindness pinging around the town. Make no mistake. There's good going on, down your way and up your street.

Much of it going on right under our noses. A community putting others before ourselves to do their bit. The stuff that never makes the headlines and never gets the recognition it deserves.

Yet added up, over the course of a single day, amounts to something much bigger and says something about where we all live.

That's the real story of Miss Harper Elizabeth Smith.