TWO young Barrow rappers have released their first EP.

Barrow-based rap duo, NorthernFlow, have just released a five track EP, across various music streaming platforms.

The group is made up of rappers Johnny P and Weezy, both 22 and from Barrow.

The two young artists have already produced a number of music videos for their songs including Funktown and Hangover.

They also performed at a number of venues in the Barrow area as well as travelling further afield.

The duo also did a set at Another Fine Fest 2019, which Johnny P described as an ‘unbelievable’ experience.

Speaking about the EP, Johnny P said: “We’ve been doing music together for a long time now.

“We did our first single over a year ago.

“We really wanted to do a full album.

“Weezy produced the instrumentals himself for all of the music.

“We wanted to do a project that allowed us to show more range in our music.

“We’ve been working on it for the last six to eight months.”

Anyone interested in listening to NorthernFlow’s latest EP can do so via Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes as well as listening to more of their tracks and watching their music videos on YouTube.

Talking more about the response to the EP, Johnny added: “Everyone we’ve seen and spoken to about the EP is buzzing.

“Loads of people are really excited about it.

“We’ve had really good support.”

Looking to the future, the duo are looking to continue making music and produce a full album.

“We’re going to film another music video,” said Johnny P.

“This time it’ll be for one of the tracks on the EP.”

The pair are also hoping to continue performing live gigs and book more performances outside of the Barrow area.

Johnny P said: “Another Fine Fest was unbelievable.

“We’re looking to do it again every year going forward.

“We’re also hoping to do more performances further afield and expand outside the Barrow area.”