A WALNEY beauty salon has landed the best beauty business crown as voted for by The Mail readers.

Kerry Wilkinson Aesthetics on Walney has been awarded the best beauty salon certificate, beating dozens of competitors.

Based on Mikasa Street, the aesthetics salon has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2007.

Owner Kerry Wilkinson, 33, began working as a beautician at 17 before starting her own business at 21.

The salon offers a wide array of treatments, including dermal fillers, areola reconstruction, microblading and is the first salon in Barrow to offer eyebrow tattooing.

Mrs Wilkinson said: “This job is my passion, I absolutely adore it.

“I wake up looking forward to working every day.”

The salon has just recently started paramedical tattooing, helping breast cancer survivors and burn victims restore pigmentation.

Mrs Wilkinson said this procedure in particular was ‘massively rewarding’.

She said: “It’s a really emotional thing to do.

“Rather than doing it for vanity reasons, it’s nice to do something which will really improve someone’s confidence and feel more female again.”

Since officially opening, the salon has noticed a huge customer demand, seeing up to 16 clients in one day.

Mrs Wilkinson said: “We’re obviously doing something right, which is fantastic.

“I feel so overwhelmed to receive the award. We’re such a small place, it’s amazing.”