GOING global is the name of the game for Repulsive Vision.

Formed in late 2010 by main songwriter, Matt Davidson, the band are heavily inspired by extreme metal pioneers such as Obituary and Napalm Death, affecting a relentlessly aggressive energy complete with a raw uncompromising sound.

Signing to Danish extreme metal record label, Mighty Music in early 2017, the band released their debut album Look Past the Gore and See The Art in March, which has since landed positive reviews for the guys in many major publications worldwide. And next month the Ulverston foursome head to Portugal for the Vagos Metal Fest 2019, from August 8-11.

Fronting the band is vocalist Dan McEwan, with bass player, Mark Kirby, drummer Gary Young and Matt on guitars.

During the past few years Repulsive Vision have performed alongside underground metal outfits such as Discharge, Benediction, Desecration, Vader, Sepultura, Mortician, Angelcorpse, Necrophagia and Destroyer 666, among others.

The band have also performed at several festivals, including Hammerfest, The Siege of Limerick and have ventured to the USA for a number of dates, including a main stage slot on Las Vegas Death Fest 2017. They have also played in several European countries such as Finland, Croatia, Spain and Portugal.

“After our last venture to Portugal in November to play Oeste Underground, we are massively eager to return for Vagos Metal Fest 2019,” says Matt. “It’s a huge opportunity for us to join some of our personal favourite bands like Napalm Death, Candlemass and Iron Reagan on this festival.”

For further information go online at vagosmetalfest.com.