BOATING, juggling, first aid and an assault course all featured when 300 youngsters got the chance for a day of fun activities in the great outdoors sun 25 years ago

The Mail, on Monday, June 11 in 1994, noted: "No parents allowed. No little brothers crying. No big sisters being bossy.

"Maybe that's why the 300 Brownies and Cubs at the first Barrow Mega-day on Saturday had such a good time.

"The event was opened at 10am by mayor Betty Willacy.

"Dozens of activities were lined up over the next six hours for the intrepid adventurers in the ground of Barrow's Parkview School.

"The most daring of the 16 Brownie packs and eight Cub troops headed for the park lake, where canoes and kayaks were waiting.

"Around 30 children at a time paddled away happily, stopping only when they rammed against the banks.

"After 20 minutes most had become proficient and could even paddle backwards to get out of the most awkward situations.

"Back at Parkview a mad axe murderer had escaped to slash a few arms and cut a few fingers.

"But it was all in the name of realism. The girls had been taking park in a first aid demonstration and a lot of red dye had been called for.

"The injuries were quickly shrugged off, or rather wiped off as attention turned to the juggling clown.

"The clown juggles with fire and more than a few gasps were heard as he swung the blazing torches round.

"He even dropped one, leaving a scorch mark in the grass and a few pounding hearts in the Brownies.

"The Cubs ran straight for the assault course, set up by the Army Training Corps.

"For what seemed like hours they leapt through tyres, jumped over hurdles and wriggled through hoops, then ran round to do the course again.

"Most children were wary of the owl display, preferring to watch from a distance.

"But brave Kim Boswell, nine, let Ben the Bengal eagle sit on her arm and barely flinched as he flapped his wings.

"This was the first time that the Brownies and Cubs had held a joint challenge day, and the Scouting organisers are keen for a repeat experience.

"Next time round it may be extended to include Guides and Scouts."