AS this is the traditional times of year for school sports days in South Cumbria we are featuring a group of pictures from an afternoon of activities held at Dalton in 2002.

The Mail on July 22 recorded the fun as parents turned out in forces to watch the youngsters in action at George Romney School.

The school had opened in 1981 on a new site in Cobden Street to take pupils from the old Nelson Street and Broughton Road schools.

It was named after the Georgian portrait painter George Romney who was born at Beckside, Dalton, on December 26 in 1734 and was buried in the churchyard at St Mary's, Dalton, after his death on November 15 in 1802.

The artist had spent some of his youth in a cottage overlooking Hawcoat quarry, Barrow, before moving to Kendal and finding fame in London.