COACHES of a running club are hoping to resolve an issue restricting access to their training field.

Children from the Leven Valley AC Running Club may not be able to train over the summer due to the club being locked out of the track they regularly use at Furness Academy.

The club pay to train on the track for their one hour session each Tuesday and have been allowed to use the track over the summer in previous summers.

However now the club claim Furness Academy Lettings have told them they can’t use the track over the summer and have not given an explanation why.

Tim Winder, Chairman and head coach at Leven Valley running club, explained the club are hoping to resolve the situation before schools break up for summer.

He said: “We’re running out of time until the kids break up for summer.

“We’ve had a key for the last year and a half and have been able to use the track over the summer before.

“Now the academy lettings company has changed the locks and said the club can’t use the track.

“They don’t give a reason for why we can’t use it and I don’t understand what they’re doing.”

Kimberley Everett, Welfare and Safeguarding Officer at the club explained they might have to cancel some of the children's running groups over the summer.

She said: " The track is perfect as we have lots of under 10s that train and we work on a ratio for safeguarding in a secure area, however somewhere else isn’t secure so that means we have to cancel training for the younger groups."