Cassie Burrow Aw what a shame the food has always been absolutely amazing, I went there with my husband over a month ago for our anniversary and we couldn’t fault it, it was lovely.

Dave Westhead Declan Clough It didn’t last long, we never even got to try it.

Gemma Bolam Cold... slow service... limited beer... harsh lighting... I won't miss it.

Daniel Graham Least ya getting a McDonald’s though Ulverston.

Sara Nicole Hind Mark Corkan you had a bad experience which is a shame as mine was amazing.

Mark Corkan Some reviews on takaway and restaurant reviews page that give good relevance to maybe why it shut.

Pete Birtles Ulverstonians: ‘Come to Ulverston all the good restaurants are there, it’s so much better than Barrow if you want a meal out’. Me smugly getting food poisoning off my crap food from one of the one star restaurants in Barrow: ‘Sure, enjoy cooking’.

Keith Murray What a shame I had a fantastic meal there a few weeks ago and was looking forward to going back.

Steve Vernon I remember just before this place opened plans were rejected for a steak house to open in the same place. This was down to lack of disability access, then months later The Square opens as a steak and fish place, yet there was still no disability access. So how do you work that one out or was it due to Naaz applying for planning? Regards to Sharon’s comments I guess she doesn’t look on the restaurant and takeaway review page on Facebook.