Readers on plans to convert former Barrow shop into apartments

Pam Burton Eldon Well it’s better than what is there at the moment, I do agree though that more housing needs to be built for families there is a huge shortage of housing in Barrow.

Dan Brereton Pam Burton Eldon they are building loads of houses. You've got old Parkview site, Thorncliffe site, ones just off rating lane, load of house being built by Tesco Metro off Flass Lane and they have just approved 92 houses to be built in Dalton by St Helen's Hill.

John Eccles More contractors apparently!? Why? I was speaking to a landlord of a house we were going to let which is currently let to contractors and he is struggling to fill them. He said it was down to a shortage of contractors. So why do we need more? Also what about building more affordable housing for local people!? No wonder there is a long waiting list for council houses.

Jen Hart How about housing for people that actually need a long term home. There are thousands on the housing waiting list.

Darren Gill A shop is a shop Barrow needs more variety of shops.

Barbara Mawson How many more serviced apartments do we need in this town? They're all over the place.

Angela Priestley Parking won’t be a problem as there is nowhere to park now because of all the contractors on Buccleuch Street that fight for a space park on double yellows blocking other drivers view making the road dangerous for pedestrians also. Instead of just parking in the car parks like it says in the article.

John Price More stupid apartments for contractors how about more for the homeless.

Chris Myers Just what the town needs more apartments NOT.

Joan Crabtree What if they have nowhere to go after three months.

Tracy Clarke Joan Crabtree I would imagine they will be let on a three month renewable contract. I don't think it will be three months and off you go.