BARROW-born Michael Tees is to swim across the English Channel in aid of his friend, who had both legs amputated due to sepsis.

Mr Tees, 49, originally of Biggar, is preparing for his country-to-country swim to raise as much money as possible to help Lydia Galbally from Essex.

Mrs Galbally, 42, had both her legs amputated below the knee, together with the amputation of her right hand at the wrist and the fingers on her left hand, while undergoing five major operations in the space of seven weeks.

Mr Tees said: “In September 2018, Lydia, a fit, happy and healthy wife and mum-of-two children, fell ill with sepsis and an underlying infection of Tuberculosis (TB).

“She spent 11 days in a coma on life-support close to death.

“I’m hoping to raise funds to help get the best possible prosthetics for Lydia as we want to make sure she can get back to doing what she loves and get her active life back.

“I’m so thankful to say that she has survived against the odds.”

After struggling to breathe for numerous days, Mrs Galbally’s illness troubles worsened in September when she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis and was told her body was in septic shock.

Eventually, she was put on a life-support machine.

Initially the doctors held out little hope for her recovery, but against all odds, she began to recover.

Currently, Mr Tees has undergone one relay on June 22 with another planned for July 22, working with a pilot to analyse weather and sea conditions over the channel.

Mr Tees, who now lives in London, said: “My 95-year-old Nana Kathleen Wassall has sponsored me and lives on Gloucester Street, in Barrow.”

So far, there are two GoFundMe pages, held by Mr Tees - who has raised over £1,000 out of a £5,000 target.

Another page is being run by Mrs Galbally’s husband Dan Galbally, who has raised a £159,696 of a £250,000 target.

If you would like to give funds, please visit: