Dear editor,

I AM sure many people will be comforted by a previous letter writer's assertion, especially as an ex-meteorologist, that those urging action to combat climate change are just scaremongering.

Sadly, the vast majority of scientists and meteorologists do not support this view.

As a mother of three and grandmother of four children, I am not setting out to frighten them, but nor could I stand by and leave them to deal with a global catastrophe because we did nothing, in order to spare their feelings.

As for another reader comment that the children who have been protesting about climate change probably go on holidays to far-flung places, this is just an assumption unless he has asked each one of them.

He also overlooks the fact children often don’t get a choice in where their families take holidays.

I would urge these people to contribute something positive to the movement to combat climate change and protect the natural world rather than making unhelpful observations.

Alison Hinds